Fixing Our Schools

“We should not discard educational practices merely because they are traditional. Rather, we should respect and sustain educational practices—both traditional and modern—that are proven to be successful.” ~ Michael Zwaagstra

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Education fads do our kids no favours

March 18, 2016 Published in the Chronicle Herald (Halifax) Student achievement is declining in Nova Scotia. The 2014-15 accountability report from the Department of Education makes that abundantly clear. Barely half of Grade 8 students are m[...]

Technology should not drive education reform

October 22, 2015 Published in Troy Media A recent OECD report dropped a bombshell on those who view technology as the driving force of education reform. The report found that “students who use computers very frequently at school do a lot worse [...]

Distractions are sometimes good for learning

August 27, 2015 Published in the Winnipeg Free Press Most teachers and students know the conventional do’s and don’ts of proper studying habits. For example, students should find a quiet environment free of distractions. Don’t play any backgrou[...]