Fixing Our Schools

“We should not discard educational practices merely because they are traditional. Rather, we should respect and sustain educational practices—both traditional and modern—that are proven to be successful.” ~ Michael Zwaagstra

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Provincial achievement tests are still important

September 7, 2017 Published by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy Every year thousands of Alberta students take driver education classes in hopes of passing the all-important written and practical driving test. These classes are taught throu[...]

Content knowledge is the foundation of quality education

September 1, 2017 Published by the Waterloo Record Content-rich instruction may not be as flashy as some of the educational alternatives but it's a whole lot more effective. Educators have long debated the importance of specific content [...]

A childish obsession with adultism

August 24, 2017 Like most people, I believe that there are significant differences between adults and children, particularly when it comes to maturity levels. These differences explain why voting is restricted to adults, why children cannot purcha[...]