Fixing Our Schools

“We should not discard educational practices merely because they are traditional. Rather, we should respect and sustain educational practices—both traditional and modern—that are proven to be successful.” ~ Michael Zwaagstra

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A very expensive contract to honour

May 13, 2017 Published in the Telegraph Journal (New Brunswick) Suppose a province and a teachers’ union were in the midst of negotiating a new contract. Student enrolment is rising steadily and the province wants to keep costs down. So, the pr[...]

Content Knowledge: The Key to 21st Century Learning

March 27, 2017 This week I led a breakout session on behalf of the Frontier Centre at the National Congress on Rural Education in Saskatoon. The topic of my speech was Content Knowledge: The Key to 21st Century Learning. Full audio of the speech a[...]

No gain, lots of pain from cutting private school funding

March 8, 2017 Published in the Edmonton Journal Never let a good budget crisis go to waste. That must be why various labour groups have banded together to demand the end of private school funding. Facing a record-high deficit, Alberta’s NDP [...]